• 5-MeO-AI (MEAI)


Special tryptamine.

MEAI (5-methoxy-2-aminoindane or 5-MeO-AI or Chaperon) is a recreational drug and binge-drinking prevention drug, first chemically described in 1980, and first pharmacologically described in a peer reviewed paper in 2017 by David Nutt et al., followed by another in February 2018 which detailed pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and metabolism of MEAI. In 2018, a company in the United States began offering an MEAI-based drink called "Pace".

trip report:

T+0 Took 300mg MEAI. It is white with a slight brown tint and very fine powder. I took it in a gel capsule. (Disclaimer: I took 2g Phenibut 12.5h before T+0 and one roughly 100mg caffeine 7h before T+0)

T+1:30 At first I thought I would notice nothing but now I feel like a few beers but with a mild euphoria and very clear headed

T+2:30 It now feels a little like rolling, I am extremely talkative, awake and still euphoric. I also have a hard time not talking about things I shouldn't say just as with MDMA. Defenetly one of the best RC I have taken in a while for just chilling at home with a few friends.

T+4:00 Took some melatonin because I have to get up early tomorrow, defenetly a very nice experience

T+5:00 Shit I had to take a benzo to finally fall asleep, this is very good at keeping you awake

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